How to Build Simple Workout Routines With GAIN Fitness

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It is incredibly difficult

to stay fit in today’s busy world

. It’s more for lack of time than anything else. We have all the tools in the world to

build up good habits

. In fact, there’s so much of information that it’s easy to get sidetracked from implement even the very simple workout routines.

For instance, the question that springs to mind is – do I hit the gym or should I workout from home? Which are the exercises I should do? If I miss gym time, how do I compensate at home?

Questions pile up don’t they! GAIN Fitness is a web application with a supporting iPhone app that gives a few of the answers. Both are free to use and hopefully delightful for you as well.

You can check out the workouts even without a sign-up, but your own user account enables you to save and track your efforts with your own personalized workouts. As soon as you log in, GAIN Fitness puts you on the page where you can start building your personal workout routine by giving the application a few variables to work on.


As you can see from the screenshot, you can enter the time you have for exercise (I have an hour) in a day; if it’s going to be home or the gym; your fitness goal; and the type of workout you would like. Also, according to the data you enter here, the Tuning Options also change. The screen above shows the options I have set for working out from home.


Clicking on the blue Build Workout creates my personalized regimen for super health and fitness. You can see the overview on the top and the breakdown of the exercises as you scroll down the page (above screenshot). The thing to love about this application is the uncluttered neatness and the clarity of the information that is laid out in an easy-to-follow flow.

Let’s start exercising!

Click the blue arrow to start the Workout Mode. The Workout Mode is the display below which visually guides you through all the exercises in your plan. It is a player you can Pause-Stop-Play at any moment. The progress is on the timeline bar below the animation. Audible alerts take you from each set of each exercise, so you don’t have to keep an eye on the screen at all times.


You can also understand each exercise better by going to each one individually and clicking on the Video link and also the Details button. All the information is precisely displayed. For instance, small heatmap of the body which shows the areas exercised, or the breakdown of the sets, reps, and the load. A mouse-over gives a more elaborate explanation of the graphic.


Workout routines can get routine after a while. GAIN Fitness lets you choose exercise variations with a click and you could shuffle your entire routine around to keep things interesting. You can save your workouts; print them out, and also share them on Facebook.

The free iPhone app helps you track your exercises and also is your complete digital personal assistant for fitness habit. The app is free but more advanced exercises are available as expansion packs at a cost.

I found GAIN Fitness to be one of the easiest solutions to set up a simple workout routine, or a personal training program you may say. It is uncomplicated and made me feel that I could accomplish my fitness goals without being overwhelmed with all the information that’s promoted by the fitness industry.

To agree with me, you have to try it out. Come back and give us your take. Nope, no more excuses to procrastinate… try it and tell us how it worked for ya.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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