Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts for Chrome and Firefox

Facebookicon  It may sound stupid but is definitely true that you can waste time efficiently. You might go ‘Duh!’ on that one, but think of it this way – the more time you have, the more you can waste.

I am telling you all this in the light of the fact that Facebook is one of the biggest time-sinks we have around us these days.

It has been estimated (last year’s figures) that on an average Facebook users spend at least 12 minutes and 26 seconds on the social network daily. That’s a generalization of course, because I personally spend more.

The point is that we can spend those minutes more efficiently by learning some keyboard shortcuts. Yes, Facebook has them for both Chrome and Firefox. And you don’t even have to strain to remember them because they are all activated with the Alt key in Chrome and the Alt + Shift key in Firefox. An example:

Facebook Shortcuts

And here’s the list:

  • Alt+?: Search
  • Alt+m: Compose a new message
  • Alt+1: Home page
  • Alt+2: Your profile page
  • Alt+3: Friend requests
  • Alt+4: Your messages
  • Alt+5: Notifications
  • Alt+6: Account page
  • Alt+7: Privacy
  • Alt+8: Facebook’s Facebook page
  • Alt+9: Facebook Terms/Agreement
  • Alt+0: Facebook help center

But more than Facebook pages, I think you will tend to use shortcut keys more for browsing through Facebook photos. Please note that the keyboard shortcuts work only in the Lightbox mode.

Left and Right arrow keys: Navigate between photos.

L : Like photos.

Another press on L, ‘un-Likes’ them.

Hope that helps.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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