One-Click Bookmarklet to Discover News on Favorite Topics

There are dime a dozen ways to consume news on the web. But if you are a news junkie like me, you will try out every news aggregator that comes your way. NextStories is the only one I know so far which gives you a one-click way to all the news that’s happening around us. NextStories is a little bookmarklet which you drag to your Bookmarks bar on your browser.

When you are on a web page and you want to read something similar, you simply have to click to the bookmarklet. NextStories will then display the latest articles from similar sites over the page you are on. The news is displayed in a grid-like overlay over the current page. The new links are sorted with the more relevant ones towards the left and the lesser ones towards the right. The snapshot from the bookmarklet site better explains the nature of the grid.

Next Stories

NextStories gives you a no hassle way to jump from one information to another matching your interests. Of course, the aggregation is still not perfect as so far only 1000+ U.S. sites have been optimized for the bookmarklet, but it is still a quick way to discover something more to read without opening up another account somewhere.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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