Solution to Android Phone Buttons Not Working (Rooted Phone)

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Hardware keys or the buttons on your Android phone giving you trouble? Maybe they’ve given up already. No worries, today I am going to show you how you can

control your Android phone

even without the phone hardware buttons as long as your

device is rooted


However if you need help in installing apps on your device without using the hardware keys (highly likely you will) then have a look at the article where I have shown how you can use ADB commands on Windows and control Android hardware buttons. This should help you reboot your phone and unlock it even if the device buttons aren’t working. After that you can use the touch interface to install the apps that we are going to talk about.

Now that you know how to control Android phone using ADB, let’s have a look at the apps using which you can control your Android hardware buttons.

Button Savior

Button Savior will bring your phone hardware keys to your home screen. After you install and run the app, you will see a small pull out arrow on the right edge of the screen. Tap on it to pull out the virtual hardware keys.

The buttons will be divided into three sets and can be switched using the three dots button. What the buttons in each set contain depends upon the device you are using but some buttons like back, home and power are present on all the devices. Even if your phone does not have search and camera button, the app will bring them to you.

Button Savor 1

The third set of virtual keys let you control your device volume. Just like the hardware volume keys, soft keys will change the volume depending upon the scenario. For example, in ideal mode it can be used to configure device ringtone, but while playing songs, the same button can be used to control the music.

Button Savor 2

The first time you use any of the buttons on the app, the Superuser request will pop up for you. Grant the request and put a check on Always remember. If you want to remap the keys or disable some which you don’t use, you will have to buy the pro version of the app.

Button Savor 3

The app can do almost all the necessary things that your hardware keys are supposed to do. But can you tell me what’s the one thing you cannot do using the app? If your guess was waking up the device, you are absolutely right. But no rewards for guessing, except to find out how we can fill in the missing wakeup button using phone’s proximity and gyro sensor.

Awesome On Off – Smart Screen

As the name speaks, Smart Screen is an awesome Android app using which you can wake up your Android phone by just picking it up. No need to shake the device, simply pick it up from the table and hold it in front for you. You can also use the device proximity sensors for the task. The app use less than 3% battery which is very nominal. Have a look at how the app works in this video.

The app is still a work in progress and should only be used as an alternative if your device power button is not working.


Using these apps, you will be able to use your Android even when all your hardware buttons are broken as long as you have root access on your device. So, yes, users who’ve previously rooted their phones do have an advantage here.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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