The Complete Firefox Backup Guide

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Recently we learnt a few things about Firefox about:config preferences and tried to take note of the basic ones. We also looked at the extension Tab Mix Plus, which provides an easy way to do so. Now, if you are somebody who plays a lot with such settings it would be a good idea to take a backup of the default settings. Besides, if you ever wish to migrate to a different computer you can easily take along all the preferences.

We will learn how to do that today. And with that will also see how to backup an entire profile, bookmarks and passwords. Though we have seen how to do that using FEBE as a tool, we will look at the basic methods today. It always helps to know the manual way in case the add-on breaks for you.

Backup and Restore Firefox Profile

Step 1: If Firefox is open, exit the browser.

Step 2: Start the Run dialog (Win + R key) and enter this location- %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\

Run Firefox Profile

Step 3: Based on the number of profiles you have created you will see some folders named as default one will read some-text.default. Copy the one that you wish to backup and save it at another location.

Firefox Profile

Step 4: To take this profile somewhere else you just need to paste the contents of the backup folder (Step 3) at the new location and profile folder.

Backup and Restore about:config Preferences

The basic steps remain same as above. It’s just that you need to know which file must be backed up. Repeat steps 1 and 2 as above. Navigate one directory deeper into the desired profile. Now, look for the file named prefs.js, copy it and save it somewhere else.

Backup Prefs Js

If you want to take it to a different profile, you just need to replace this file on that profile. Alternatively, if you are using Tab Mix Plus, you can launch the extension interface by navigating to Firefox -> Add-ons.

Tab Mix Backup

On the bottom-left you will find a settings button. It offers options to Import, Export or Restore default settings. To backup the settings you will need to Export and save the resulting file. To restore it is just the opposite.

Backup and Restore Bookmarks

If you are using Firefox across multiple computers and are looking to synchronize things like bookmarks, passwords and tabs then I suggest you to use Firefox Sync feature.

Firefox Sync01

For others, we have detailed guides on importing and exporting bookmarks manually and restoring previous bookmarks.

Backup and Restore Passwords

The best and the simplest way to backup, restore, import and export the list of passwords stored on Firefox is by using Password Exporter. With this add-on installed on your machine you will see an extra option to Import/Export Passwords on the Security tab.

Import Export Passwords

If you hit on that button you will be able to perform actions as shown in the image below.

Password Options


Though these things have been around since the inception of Firefox, we thought we should jot them down in one post that gives you a complete picture of Firefox backup. We hope it is helpful. If you know of better and easier ways or think we have missed something, let us know.

Image Credit: Cambridge Cat

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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