How to View Android Wi-Fi IP and MAC Address

Many Android client/server apps that need to connect with a computer over a Wi-Fi usually ask you to enter the IP or MAC address to make the connection. Finding out the IP address of your computer but doing it the other way round, meaning finding it out for your Android device is a bit tricky.

Today I will show you the steps to reveal MAC and IP address of your Android phone. Let’s have a quick look.

MAC Address

As MAC address of a device is unique, it does not depend upon the Wi-Fi network you are connected to. Head over to Android Settings—>About—>Hardware Information and look for W-Fi MAC address.

Android Wi Fi 2
Android Wi Fi 4

You will see your device Wi-Fi MAC address displayed there.

IP Address

IP address of Android depends on the Wi-Fi network you are connected to and changes from network to network. Thus you will first need to connect to the network you want to know the IP address for and then open your Android Wi-Fi Settings.

Android Wi Fi 1
Android Wi Fi 3

Now from the list of all the Wi-Fi networks, tap on the one which you are connected to and open the connection status information pop-up. The pop-up will show you specific information about the connection like signal strength, link speed, security and IP Address (the one we are looking for).

I guess that answers all the doubts regarding Android’s Wi-Fi IP and MAC address. Let us know if you have any questions, in the comments.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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