Save Battery With Inverted Mode in Android ICS, Jelly Bean

Android Droid

Few days back I showed how to enable

inverted mode in Microsoft Word 2013

while reading documents. The trick would not sound useful on desktops but it sure will help tablets and laptop users who always

look for a way to extend battery life


I on the other hand always look for ways to reduce battery consumption on my Android phone and today I will show you how you can save your device’s juice while reading articles on the stock browser. Just as we did in Word, we will see how to invert texts along with photos on our droids and save battery.

Inverted Mode in Android Browser

To enable inverted mode, open Android ICS browser Settings by clicking the menu softkey and navigate to Accessibility settings.

Inverted Mode In Android Browser 3
Inverted Mode In Android Browser 4

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and check the option Inverted Rendering. The changes will be saved instantly. Do note that you can increase the text size as well to reduce the stain on your eyes.

Inverted Mode In Android Browser 1
Inverted Mode In Android Browser 2


If you read articles on your Android frequently I am sure you will love the trick. This trick will not only increase you battery life but will do your eyes a favor too.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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