[Quick Tip] Format Sticky Notes Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Sandeep Agarwal

Sticky-Note-IconA lot of people like to use the default Windows 7 Sticky Notes but most of us think that they cannot be formatted. I am talking about things like bold, italics, bullets, font size, etc. Well, the fact behind this is that we do not see any formatting options on the interface.

However, there are some shortcut keys that work on Sticky Notes and it’s just that people are unaware. Interestingly, we have been using these shortcuts on all common text editors like MS Word. And now we will use them on Sticky Notes as well.

Here’s the list, try them all.


Henceforth, you will be able to make the important notes and points stand out. You all know how formatting can help in grabbing attention.So why not make use of it, right?

There are ways to change the notes font as well. We will discuss that sometime later. Or, why don’t you suggest us in the comments section if you know how to do that?

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