Internet Explorer (IE): Remove Accelerators, Disable Button

When we learned about the different types of add-ons supported on Internet Explorer we also understood the meaning of Accelerators which are nothing but the group of add-ons that help you perform actions in fewer clicks. While this feature is useful, you might find the blue icon that appears on highlighting a piece of text as an obstruction to your workflow.

Accelator Icon

If that’s true then you might want to disable the feature completely such that you are never prompted with that icon again. Or you may want to remove certain Accelerators that you never use. Here’s how to make that happen. Should work on IE 8, 9 and 10.

Steps to Disable Accelerator Button in IE

This would result in disabling the showing of blue Accelerator button that shows on selecting text chunks.

Step 1: Navigate to Settings (gear icon on top right) and click on Internet Options.

Ie Internet Options

Step 2: Switch to the Advanced  tab and scroll to the section for Browsing under Settings. Now, uncheck the option reading Disable Accelerator button on selection and click on Apply and Ok.

Disable Accelerator Button

That’s it. The blue icon won’t show any more.

Steps to Disable or Remove Accelerators on IE

Step 1: Navigate to Settings (gear icon on top right) and click on Manage add-ons.

Ie Manage Add Ons

Step 2: On the Manage Add-ons window click on Accelerators on the left pane. This would show the list of Accelerators installed on IE currently.

Ie Accelerators E1347904054322

Step 3: Click on the Accelerator that you wish to remove or disable. Click on the Remove or Disable button respectively.

Remove Disable Accelerator E1347904303558

The Accelerator that you removed or disabled will not show on the right-click Accelerator menu any more.

We saw how to disable the Accelerator button from showing up when you select text on the browser. Well, this does not remove Accelerator in totality. You can always access the features by right-clicking and navigating to Accelerators.

Accelerator Right Click

If you wish to disable the feature completely you can disable the Accelerator button (part 1 of the tutorial) and also remove each of the add-on within it (part 2 of the tutorial).

Note: Sometimes the search tools also get added to the Accelerator’s list. So, you might have to switch to the Search Tools on Manage add-ons and remove them as well.


Accelerators appeal to me as a way of doing things quickly on IE. Indeed they are. But I prefer to keep the button disabled because I do not wish to perform an accelerated action each time I select some text. Hope IE users find this helpful.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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