Send Out Automated Vacation Replies in Email

Automated vacation reply is one of the necessary features I look for in an email service. I never work when I party (vice versa is true too.. well, almost!), not even on my Android, and automated replies make sure that I don’t irritate anyone who is trying to contact me.


We have already seen how we can set up automated vacation replies in MS Outlook, Windows Live Mail Desktop Client, Gmail and Yahoo. Today we will see how we can set it up in, the all new email service from Microsoft, to send out these automated response mails.

Automated Vacation Reply on Email

Step 1: Open your inbox and open More Mail Settings  by clicking the gear icon located on the top-right corner, next to your name.

More Mail Settings

Step 2: In options select Sending automated vacation replies to configure the automated reply settings.

Sending Automated Reply

Note: might ask you to verify your mobile number if you have not yet provided the information in your Microsoft profile. There are chances that the feature may not be enabled in new accounts and only after your account is few weeks old and you have linked a valid phone number, you will have access to it.

Step 3: Once you are on the Vacation reply page, select the option Send vacation replies to people who email me and type in the text you would like to send out as the automated response. You can opt for sending emails to everyone who sends you an email by un-checking the option Only reply to your contacts but that will make your inbox more vulnerable to junk.

Vacation Reply

Cool Tip: Don’t forget to have a look on how you can unsubscribe from newsletters and promotional emails right from inbox in and control unnecessary junk emails.


That’s all, once you activate the option, anyone who will try to contact you will receive an automated reply as configured by you. However once you are back, don’t forget to turn off the feature. You should get the prompt to turn off replies after you log in to your account after you are back from vacation.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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