[Quick Tip] How to Quickly Locate a Lost Mouse Pointer on Windows

Sandeep Agarwal

Sometimes we happen to lose track of our mouse pointer because of factors like too much screen clutter, a congested image, sudden and unwanted movement of the mouse, etc. I am sure each one of you has had such an experience. Indeed, there have been cases where it took me some time to locate it back.

Well, there are better ways than shaking the mouse in random directions and trying to locate it. We will learn one of those.

Step 1: Hit on the Start orb icon and search for mouse. Click on the result reading Mouse under Control Panel.


Step 2: Switch to the Pointer Options tab and under the Visibility section tick mark the option reading Show location of pointer when I press the Ctrl key. Click on Apply and Ok.


So, next time you lose track of your pointer you know what you are supposed to do. Just hit the Ctrl key and you would see ripples running on your screen and converging to the point where the pointer is hiding. Simple and easy.

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