[Quick Tip] Quick­ly Open a Web Page You Are Read­ing on Com­put­er, on Android Using AirDroid

Ashish Mundhra

Suppose you are reading an article online on your computer, and for some reasons you have to leave your desk and be on the move. You have the option of continuing to read it on your Android on the way. So what would be the quickest way to have that same web page open on your Android?

All you need is a nifty app called AirDroid and a Wi-Fi connection to connect the computer to your device. AirDroid is an interesting app which helps a user in managing Android devices using a computer over Wi-Fi. We have already seen how to manage Android phone using a browser through AirDroid, something which you must check out.

Airdroid For Android 2

Now, to push a web link from computer to phone, run the AirDroid app on your phone and connect it to your computer using a browser. After successful connection, you will see a text box with a button named Open on device just under the phone summary section. Simply paste the link in the text box and click the respective button.

Open On Device

That’s all, the link will be pushed to the connected phone and will open instantly. Phone might ask you to select browser if you have installed multiple browsers and none of them is selected as default.

Airdroid For Android 1

Most of you must be wondering that Chrome already has a similar feature using which you can send a link from Chrome browser to phone, but the reason to use AirDroid here is flexibility. As I prefer stock ICS browser to read web pages, I always find AirDroid better than Chrome to Phone.

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