Firefox: View Web Page Source Code on an Editor of Choice

Developers often have to view source of web pages to debug their changes and understand the nature of the program or code. If the default interface of your browser does not appeal to you (in a sense that you are not able to review the code properly), here’s what you can do to make it open in the editor of your choice. Say, for example, an advanced editor like Edit Plus.

The understated steps apply to Firefox.

Step 1: On your browser address bar key in about:config and hit Enter.

Firefox About Config

Step 2: Search for view_source.editor.external and change the value to false by double clicking on it.

Source Editor True

Step 3: Now, search for view_source.editor.path  and set its value to the .exe location of the desired editor.

Editor Path

I am sure most developers will vouch for it because you will be able to perform actions more easily. You will be able to cut-copy-paste faster, edit the source quickly and things of similar nature. A developer understands it all and knows how much of pain it can relieve. Right?

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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