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Weeks back, I bypassed the

Spotify country restriction

and started using it, but there were many restrictions imposed on a free account. Spotify can really

nudge you or even irritate in some cases

to buy the premium service. To be frank, I really wished to buy the premium service, but then my

credit card

was of an Indian bank. End of story!

For these reasons, I switched back to Google Music. However, I was already hooked to Spotify and one of its features I missed the most in Google Music was integration of scrobbler can recommend some great music after having access to the tracks you play frequently.

If you are too would like to integrate scrobbler with Google Music, here’s how it’s done. on Google Music

Step 1: Download and install Google Music Player user script on your browser. Firefox users will have to Install Greasemonkey to manage the scripts. Chrome users do not require any special tool to install the script, but due to recent changes in security settings, you will have to force install it. We have already covered an article on how to install a third-party extension on Chrome to help you out.

Drop To Install1

Step 2: After you install the script, restart your browser and open Google Music. If the script was installed successfully, you will see a link Requires Authentication on the top-tight corner of Google Bar. Click on the link to open control panel for Google Music and provide your login credentials.

Lastfm Require Authentication

Step 3: After you have successfully logged in to, you can configure the scrobbling settings and save them. You can disable scrobbling from the script itself without disabling the script altogether.


That’s all, now enjoy all your music on the clouds and scrobble them to to get nice recommendations. The script states that there’s a secret and helpful settings hidden from users but can be unlocked on payment of $1. It’s totally your wish to make the payment and unlock the super-secret settings. However, don’t forget to share what the secret settings were.

Google Music Scrobbled Tracks1


The extension does what it claims without any faults and errors. Information of all the music tracks were submitted to the server in real-time. There was an option to like a track and favorite it which is not found on many custom scrobblers. If you know a better alternative to scrobble Google Music tracks to, let us know.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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