How to Customize the New Tab Page on Firefox

Firefox Thumbnail

Do you even remember when you started using the

tabbed interface

on browsers and got used to it? I really don’t, but I understand one thing for certain, and it’s that it saves me a lot of time and effort. It

makes my browsing easier

on the whole. However, there is not much one can do with a blank new tab page. And this is the very reason most modern browsers have tried implementing the

thumbnail interface


Previously we saw how to customize the new tab settings and enhance our experience on Google Chrome. On those lines, today we will see what can be done with Mozilla Firefox.

Well, if you are using Firefox 13 or later, you must have noticed that you have a new tab page that shows up to 9 thumbnails of your most recently and frequently visited web sites. Besides, you can always delete the ones you do not want, rearrange the thumbnails or pin your favorite websites.

Firefox Thumbnail Tab E1346779336459

At any given time, if you want to switch back to the blank page you can toggle the view by clicking on the icon at the top right (shown in the above image) of the interface.

Cool Tip: You can also pin the bookmarks by dragging and dropping them on any of the thumbnail.

If you are not satisfied with the number of tiles and wish to increase the number of rows and columns then you may give a try to the New Tab Tools extension for Firefox

Open Specific Websites on New Tab Page

Most of know how to point the home page of Firefox (or any other browser) to a specific website. How about simulating the same on a new tab? We have talked about a nifty add-on called NewTabURL that helps you in the process, before. Let us see how to do it manually.

Step 1: Open a Firefox tab and enter about:config on its address bar. Hit Enter.

Firefox About Config

Step 2: On the preferences window search for browser.newtab.url. You will see only one option for the result.

Firefox New Tab Preferences

Step 3: Double click on it and enter the URL of the site that you prefer to open with every new tab page. For example, I have it set to Guiding Tech.

Firefox New Tab Url

To use the home page as new tab page set the values to about:home. For a blank new tab set it to about:blank.

Cool Tip: We also have a trick to use the home page as a task reminder. Now, you can use it on a new tab too.

Custom New Tab is another add-on for Firefox that helps you to customize the new tab page on the same lines. You may try it if you find the above process a little techie.

Add Backgrounds to New Tab Page

There is a cool extension called Browser Backgrounds that puts wallpaper on every new page. And each time it would show a new background making things more interesting.


These are the very basic methods to customize a new tab page on Firefox. There are many add-ons in the market that help you make the page flashy and decorative but that only adds to the weight and makes the browser slow. If you know of more tricks on this from do share with us.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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