[Quick Tip] Quick­ly Locate Black and White Images in Google and Bing Image Search

Sandeep Agarwal

Colors-ThumbnailA bit of contrast makes life better. Just like it does in colors. But that’s not to say that black and white isn’t fascinating. It has its own charm.

Besides, I have experienced that black and white pictures grab more attention and help us concentrate on the picture details rather than the colors. So, whenever I need few of those pictures I head over to my regular search engines- Google and Bing. There is nothing extraordinary that I have to do or look for.

I can simply perform my search as I always do (image search). Then, on Google, I point to the left pane and scroll down to the section of colors. Black and white is the option that must be selected. If you need this on a regular basis you can set your preferences using advanced search.


On Bing, I navigate to the left pane again, expand the section for color and check the option reading Black & white.


When we select these options our result of images (for our query string) gets filtered to show the ones that are black and white. Quick and easy!

Bonus Tip: You may also try TinEye Labs’ Multicolor Search which provides Flickr-based image search and an amazing experience.

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