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having me digitize his entire movie collection

, my dad recently brought a new digital photo frame to view all the photos in the living room from time to time. However, soon after unboxing the frame, he handed me the memory card and asked me to download all the great photos he had on his email. My dad knew zilch about the concepts of social media photo sharing, cloud storage and all when he used to receive family photos years back on his email, and now he wanted me to download all of those for him.

Trust me, I would have been slogging for days with Gmail filters and download managers if I would have not found a wonderful tool called Lost Photos. In simple words, Lost Photos is a an app for Windows and Mac that searches for photos buried deep in your email accounts and downloads them to your computer easily.

So let’s see how the tool works. This tutorial will show the working of the Windows version. It works with most of the major email providers except Hotmail.

Downloading Photos From Email With Lost Photo

Step 1: Download and install Lost Photos on your computer. While installing, installer might ask you to download MS Visual C++ if you don’t have it installed on your computer. Furthermore, make sure you deselect Babylon toolbar as an add-on just before finishing the installer.

Installer Prompt

Step 2: After installing the tool successfully, launch it. The app will ask you to provide your email credentials. After entering your email alias and password, click on advance settings and filter the images you want to download. You can draw a line to the digging and select the date in the history you would like to limit your search to. Finally, hit the button Find My Photos to begin the search.

Lost Photo

Step 3: The tool will search your entire email history and download all the images automatically to your computer that pass the filter rules. Click the button Show Photos in Explorer. You can arrange the photos according to file size to group useful photos together.


Step 4: You can also post the images to Facebook and Twitter directly from the app.

The amount of time this software takes to to read and download images depend upon your threshold date. After I ordered the app to dig the entire history and download every single image on my inbox, it took around 18 hours.


In case you face issues, they’ve got a nice help page that should be able to address your problems.


Lost Photos made me a hero in my father eyes. Now every time when he sees and cherishes all his old memories on his new digital frame, the smile that comes on his face says it all about the tool. Though the time taken to download the photos was long, the memories are worth every second spent.

Moreover, you don’t have to sit in front of the computer when this all happens. Just queue the work before you sleep at night and get all the images in your hard drive when you wake up. And those who find themselves hesitant to feed in their email password in this third party tool, well, once the photos are downloaded you could always go back to your email account and change the password (though the software, like every such tool, says that it respects your privacy and data).

Top Image Credits: dno1967b

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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