How to Create, Manage and Use Contact Groups on Gmail


In the past we’ve seen how to

create and use a distribution list in MS Outlook

. The obvious advantage is that we can send an email to multiple people without having to type each email address in the


  field. Moreover, it zeros down the risk of missing somebody in the list while sending out messages.

However, not everybody uses a desktop email client like MS Outlook, and therefore, we will learn how to create and manage contact groups on Gmail (a service which I guess most of us use).

Steps to Create a Gmail Contact Group

There are multiple ways to create a new contact group on Gmail and add contacts to the same. Let a see a process from scratch.

Step 1: Log in to you Gmail account and switch to the contacts view by clicking on Gmail at the top-left of the Gmail screen.

Gmail Contacts

Step 2: Click on the option reading New Group under contacts on the left pane of the interface.

Create New Group

Step 3: You will be prompted to name the newly created group. Give a relevant name which you can easily relate to the contacts within. Click on Ok  when you are done.

New Guiding Tech Group
Step 4: Now you need to add contacts to the group. Expand My Contacts and click on the newly created group on the left pane. The click on theIcon1
Add Contacts To Group1

Alternatively, you may start by selecting contacts from My Contacts and then click on the 


button to add them to an existing group or create a new one.

Alternate Method

Managing a Contact Group

In order to add more contacts to the existing group follow the above process from Step 2 to Step 4 or use the alternate method that we’ve stated.

For any other thing like renaming a group, deleting a group or removing contacts from the list choose the More tab. In case of deleting contacts from the group you will need to first select the contacts and then move on.

More Management Actions

There is one more option that comes in handy and useful at times- Restore contacts. If you feel you have performed a number of unwanted steps (either adding contacts, removing them or any other thing) you can easily restore the group preferences and settings to an earlier stage.

Restore Group Contacts

Using a Contact Group

In order to send an email to the group, simply head over to compose a message like you always do. On the To field as soon as you start typing the group name you will be shown suggestions. Or you can always search the contacts list too.

Using Contact Group


It is always a good idea to have groups created for people whom you need to contact to as a group or via a single email. And believe me, this practice will end up saving you a lot of time and effort. Know of more tricks and features in this context? Share with us in the comments section.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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