How to Fix Missing or Misleading Album Art on Android

While listening to music on your smartphone, how would you love to see the tracks that are playing? Without the album art or with the album art? Well, looking at both the images below, I sure like the right one. You too, right?

Album Cover For Android 4
Album Cover For Android 5

Do you have to read out the track’s album name just because the album art cover is missing? Well not anymore. Today I am going to talk about two amazing apps for Android using which you can easily download all the missing album art information of tracks. Just make sure all the music on your device is tagged properly. At least the album field.

Cool Tip: Want to download album art for your music on Windows? Have a look at Album Art Downloader for Windows.

Cover Art Downloader

Cover Art Downloader (UPDATE: This tool is not available anymore) has to be one of the best album art downloaders for Android that’s available. After you install the app on your device, it scans your SD card and automatically tries to import and fix media cover for tracks that have them missing. The scanning and importing of images is quick and is applied to the entire album at once.

Album Cover For Android 7
Album Cover For Android 6

If Cover Art Downloader was not able to fetch your covers automatically, you can search images for individual albums or artists using specific keywords. You can also replace an existing cover using the app. If you have your music organized in folders, you can save the thumbnail image in the folder in the free version. Donate version users can embed these images directly to the MP3 file and clean an unorganized media library easily.

Album Cover For Android 1

Using Cover Art Downloader I was able to fix about 90% of my SD card songs, but for the rest I thought of using Cover Art Grabber.

Cover Art Grabber

Cover Art Grabber is a similar app for Android using which you can fix media art on your Android smartphone.

Album Cover For Android 2
Album Cover For Android 3

Like the previous app, it too scans for missing album art in your media and tries to fix them. Compared to the previous app, Cover Art Grabber was able to fix more number of albums in the initial scan and displayed more number of search results for a particular keyword. But it gave too many advert/promotional pop-ups while fixing the media which wasn’t a great feeling.


The second app will undoubtedly fix the missing album art in your Android’s media library to a great extent, but the first one keeps things simple. However that’s just my opinion, I would love to know what you feel about these apps.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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