How to Change the Default Startup Location on MS Outlook

Whenever you launch the MS Outlook desktop application, it opens at a specific folder. The default behavior is to show up the Mail  interface and open at the Inbox location. While this works best for me, there could be folks with different requirements.

I mean when you open the application you may want to land into the Calendar view, Tasks list or some other folder/ sub-folder within the structure that you have created. Let us see how to tweak the settings and change the folder the tool opens henceforth.

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Steps to Change Default Outlook Startup Folder

This setup helps you save some time and mouse clicks that you could potentially waste in navigating to a specific location every time.

Step 1: Navigate to Outlook Tools and click on Options to bring up the setup wizard.

Ms Outlook Tools Options

Step 2: On the Options dialog switch the highlight to Other tab. Click on the button reading Advanced Options under the General section.

Msoutlook Other Options

Step 3: A window for Advanced Options will appear. Under General settings, the first option reads Startup in this folder  wherein the default value is set as Inbox. Click on the Browse button placed against it.

Msoutlook Choose Default Folder

Step 4: Next comes the Select Folder dialog box. Choose the desired interface (Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Notes, etc.) or choose a default location going by your needs. Note that you can expand any folder and choose a sub-folder by clicking on the + signs.

Select Folder

Step 5: Click on Ok when done. Click on Ok on all other windows/dialog boxes that have been stacked during the process. Now close the application and reopen to check if things are working as expected.

Going by my choice of folder my desktop client always opens with the calendar view at startup. It actually helps me begin my day with the list of appointments in hand.


Each one of you may be having your own priority of folders. And with that set you can start your work with the most important things first. You never know you might get caught up with other useless things and forget the important pieces otherwise.

Are you going to change the setup? Or are you confined to (and satisfied with) the factory settings? Tell us in the comments section. Also share more tips and tricks that you are aware of on similar lines.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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