2 Android Apps for Dropbox Auto Sync and Folder Download


Previously I was always concerned about the security of my files on Dropbox, but after the

two-step authentication process

was launched, I thought to try it out for my important files on Android. It is more secure now and

keeping a copy on the clouds

always have its advantages.

However, when I tried the official Dropbox app for Android, I was really shocked. Apart from uploading and downloading media files, there were hardly any innovative features. Even the very basic ones like syncing of specific folders and downloading a folder in bulk with all the files included were missing. And if you ask me, without these features, the app looked more of a waste to me.

Still, the nice thing about Android is that if you are lucky you will find an alternative in the Play Store and that’s when I found Dropsync and Dropbox Folders. Using these apps, one can seamlessly sync Android folders on Dropbox and download them in bulk.


Dropsync, as the name suggest, is a two-way folder sync app for Android. After you install the app, you just need to select the folder you would like to sync with the Dropbox servers. The application is battery and data efficient. You can select the network you would like to use for syncing and the time interval in which you would want to check the folder with the servers.

Overview Of Rop Sync
Drop Sync Settings

There are many apps in the Play Store which claimed to sync the files but none of them did it two ways except Dropsync. The free version of the app has some folder limitations and has adverts to support the developers. If you are a Dropbox user and like me, you love to automate things, you must buy the pro version after trying the free app.

Folder Select Dropsync

Dropbox Folders

Using Folder Downloader for Dropbox one can directly download a folder to Android. Simply install the app on your device and authenticate your Dropbox account. After the app lists all the folders you have in your cloud storage, select the one you would like to download and tap the button, Download all to. Next select the folder on your SD card where you would like to download all the files.

Select Folders

That’s all, the app with download all the included files and sub-folders to your Android maintaining the exact same tree structure.

Destination Folder
Start Download


I was really excited to use Dropbox on my Android but after finding these important features missing, I was highly disappointed. But thanks to these wonderful apps, I can make sensible use of Dropbox on my Android.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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