Turn Off Skype Sounds and Notification Pop-ups

SkypelogoIf you are a Skype user and have been using it often for chatting or calling (or may be screen sharing), you’d know that distinct sound it produces when you sign in. And that’s not the only time it does that. It also notifies you when a contact becomes available through a sound and visually too via a pop-up.

These sounds aren’t a huge annoyance usually but if it happens a lot it starts getting irritating. So turning them off is the way out. And this quick tip will show you exactly that.

Now, the steps and the screenshots were taken on a Mac but it should work pretty much the same way on Skype’s Windows client too.

Step 1. Go to the Preferences of Skype.


Step 2. Go to the Notifications  tab. There you could check or uncheck the options to play sounds related to contact availability and the visual notifications too.


Step 3. You could also turn off the sound that it makes when it signs you in, if you don’t like that. This is under Details below Notifications in the Skype Preferences in Mac. On Windows, it should be somewhere there too.


So, that was how you can get rid of those annoying (sometimes) Skype sounds. Hope that helps.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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