Read Word 2013 Documents in Inverted Mode to Save Battery

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What’s the device battery life? This is a very common question most of us ask when we buy a new portable device like a laptop or a tablet. While working on battery, we tend to take many measures to make our battery last longer. In fact, we have already covered 17 useful tips using which you can

extend your laptop’s battery life

.. yes, 17 of them!

If you are using Microsoft Word 2013 on your laptops and tablets, I would like to add an additional tip to the list. Screen brightness is one of the top battery drainers when it comes to laptops and smartphones. People suggest that if you really want your battery life to last longer, you will have to bargain it with screen brightness.

However, when you are working in daylight and trying to read a document, low brightness becomes very difficult to cope up with. Now in Word 2013, you can invert desktop colors and make your battery last longer while reading out the document without any problem. So let’s see how you can invert the document colors while reading.

Invert Colors in Word 2013

Step 1: Open the document you want to read and click on the View option on the ribbon.

Word 2013 View

Step 2: In the View menu bar, click on the Read Mode option to open the current document in read mode. In this mode all the pages are arranged like a notebook which you can read page after page. Also, all the controls of Word will be hidden and the document will be locked from editing.

Step 3: In the Read Mode, click on the view option and select Page Color—>Inverse to invert the document colors.

Inverse Colors

That’s all, the majority white color of the document will be blacked out and all the text written on it will be displayed in white. This in turn saves power and hence the battery. In inverted mode, only the color of text content will be inverted and all the media like shapes, pictures will not be touched.

Before After


So add the point to the list of things you do to extend the laptop’s battery life. I am sure you will notice a considerable amount of extended battery life if you invert your colors while reading documents on Word 2013.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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