How To Remove Desktop Clutter With FSL Launcher

People use icons and shortcuts on desktop to launch applications and important files quickly. It saves time. But unfortunately, sometimes (in fact most of the times) it results in clutter. See the example of my own desktop (screenshot given below).

You can see the pathetic condition of my desktop. My sheer laziness has caused it to become a disorganized abode of useless icons and slowly, it has started affecting my daily productivity.


It’s obvious that I need to get rid of this clutter, and so do you if your desktop looks similar. Now, there are certain tools and methods to accomplish this task. Today, we take up one of them – FSL Launcher. We’ll talk more about desktop organization in our future articles.

FSL Launcheris a free tool which provides a better way to arrange icons on your desktop. You can launch any application, files and folders directly from this application.

It’s easy to use. Install and launch the application. Drag and drop all the icons of your desktop inside the application window. You can place them in separate tabs. For example in the given screenshot below all the internet related files, applications and pages are present under the Internet tab.


When you press the cross button at the top right, it hides inside the system tray. You can activate it again by moving your mouse pointer to the top left of your desktop.

You can add as many tabs as you want. Right click on the any of the tabs. Click on the “Add” button to add new tabs. Similarly you can delete any existing tab by clicking “Remove” button.


How to use FSL launcher effectively

1. You can use FSL launcher to remove all the clutter from your desktop. You can do this by adding different tabs. After creating new tabs(or groups), drop all the icons, files and folders of your desktop on different tabs of the launcher. Now hide all the icons of desktop by right clicking on desktop and unchecking “Show desktop icons” option.

Note: There is one caveat to the above method though. While it cleans up your desktop, it also ensures that whatever shortcuts or files you add to the desktop get hidden automatically. That means if you are downloading a file from the web and saving it onto your desktop (which is usually the default option), you won’t find that tool once downloaded unless you right-click and check show desktop icons again. Keep that in mind.


2. You can use the Tab button of your keyboard to switch between tabs.

3. Click on the setup button at the launcher window and you will get many other settings. You can choose your language, change skin, select startup options and do lots of other things.


One another important thing to note is the when you move any file or folder inside the launcher, it actually creates a shortcut of that file or folder. So if you’ve got an original file or folder on the desktop, deleting that would deactivate the shortcut inside launcher and it won’t work. However, if it’s a shortcut to that file on the desktop then you don’t need to worry.

So that was about a neat desktop launcher. Try it out and let us know if it helped in increasing your productivity at the computer.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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