How to Backup Android SMS Texts to Gmail

In the past we have seen how to backup Android SMS using Go SMS and Titanium Backup but both of them made a local backup (on phone’s storage). I personally always prefer to make my backups on the cloud as they are more reliable than local backups.

Today I will show you how you can backup your Android SMS/texts to your Gmail account effortlessly. Making backup on Gmail has advantages of its own. As the backup is online, it’s dependable and secure and after the messages are backed up to Gmail, we can use the powerful Gmail search to unearth any old text message instantly when the need arises.

Backing up the Messages

We are going to use a nifty app called SMS Backup + which is a dedicated tool to backup text messages to Gmail mailbox. After you install the app from the Play Store and launch it, put a check on Connect option  to grant the app permission over your Gmail account. The app will open your Android browser wherein you will have to grant the access.

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After Your Gmail account is connected, you can simply press the Backup button to start the backup. The app will create a new label in your Gmail as SMS and save all the texts as email threads in there. The first backup may take some time depending upon the number of messages on your device. I would suggest you clean all the junk messages before you make the initial backup.

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You can also configure automatic backup to update your Gmail whenever you get a new messages. In the future, when you wish to restore them, click on the Restore button on the app to get back all the messages on your device. The app also supports backup of multimedia messages but you cannot restore them back to your device due to some API limitation.

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I always keep my Android SMS backup on Gmail. What’s the harm in creating an extra backup you can access, search and read whenever you wish to, right?

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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