Watch Videos Secretly Using Real Player’s Private Mode

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For quite some time now, we have known and used the

private or incognito mode

of a web browser. We all understand that it is a

private session

where cookies, browsing history, etc. is not stored.

Some of us also try and emulate such behavior on our computers by using third party applications and/or deleting recent documents, clearing cache and things akin.

If you have been looking for an easier way to watch videos secretly without leaving a trace then you’d be happy to know that Real Player comes with the support for private modes. That means you can hide all your personal clips, download videos directly into hidden folders and keep you library separate from the public one.

Shown below is the Real Player interface in which I have marked the private mode area (the eye). You need to click on that to switch to the private mode.

Real Player Interface

And of course there is a layer of password protection (which they’ve named as PIN and it’s different from the Real Player password). When you do it for the first time it shows feature activation and asks you to choose a PIN.

Real Player Private Pin

For all other sessions you will need the same PIN to get through to the personal data domain.

Enable Private Mode

Note the color of the eye once you are into the secret mode. The same symbol would describe all things private in Real Player henceforth.

Real Player Private Mode

More interestingly, the player clears details like playing list, recent items and wipes off Real Player downloader when the view is switched back to regular. However, you will have to compromise with photos, playlists, Facebook video feeds and websites that you browse through the Real Player interface. These aspects are not factored to be built into the same.

Having learnt how to activate this mode let us check how to make a file private or how to download one in the incognito mode.

Navigate to Library, select a file, right-click on it and choose the option reading Make this file Private. This ensures that only you shall be able to access the file with the help of the personal pin.

Make File Private

For private downloads make sure the download button shows the eye icon when you click on the download button. If it does not, click on the drop down menu and check Private Mode.

Private Download

The exact notion of the tool and the mode will be gained only when you start using it. And then, you will be able to explore much more than what we have mentioned.


Real Player’s private mode feature allows us to shadow our media activities very easily. At least it lets us keep personal things personal. What do you say?

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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