Week­ly Round-up: Gtalk Block­ing, Clocks, Data Encryp­tion & Face­book Apps

Right, so here we are on a Saturday with our weekly round-up of articles that were published on Guiding Tech during the last 7 days.

We had some interesting articles this week. We talked about uncovering the person who’s blocked you on Google Talk, encrypting data on your computer, removing annoying Facebook applications and more.

Here’s a list of links for you to quickly visit and brush-up your knowledge on those topics. Check them out.

How To Know If You Are Blocked On Gtalk – Wanna know if you got blocked on Gchat (or Gtalk)? Check the article.

How To Encrypt Computer Data Using TrueCrypt – A super-comprehensive step-by-step guide on using TrueCrypt to encrypt data.

How To Add Additional Clocks In Vista and Windows 7 –  Did you know you can have more than just one clock displayed on the systray ?

How To Remove an Application From Your Facebook Profile – A tutorial to remove the Facebook apps you don’t need.

Apart from the How-tos, we also featured useful tools like TeuxDuex, System Explorer, Ninite, Meetifyr and Turntubelist (an awesome tool, really).

Hope you enjoyed the articles. Stay tuned for more great how-tos, guides and tools next week.

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