Combine Multiple Photos on Android Before Uploading it on Instagram

Ashish Mundhra

Yesterday while browsing photos on Instagram, I came across some photos which were composed of multiple pics (an example of which we saw in our Instagram wallpaper post). Like a collage of photos stitched together. Seeing the finishing on the photos, I could easily make out that it was not done manually on some Android photo editing app with tools like cropping. There must have been a stand-alone app used specifically to create such an effect.

I explored every notch and corner of the Instagram for Android app but didn’t find the option to make a collage of photos by stitching them together. But when I searched the Play Store, I got exactly what I was looking for. InstaPicFrame for Instagram is an amazing app using which you can merge lots of cool photos into one single photo easily. So let’s see how the app works.

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After you download and install InstaPicFrame, launch it. There are three modes in which the app works, Pro Mode, Edit Mode and Camera Mode. We will see how you can use each of these modes to post beautiful collages on Instagram.

Pro Mode

You must choose the Pro Mode if you know in your mind what you are planning to create. After you select the mode, you will be asked the number of pics you want in the collage depending on which the app will suggest your canvas.


After you select the frames, choose photos for each portion from your phone gallery. Use the tools below the workspace to edit the photos. You can adjust the photos by selecting and dragging them. When you are done, press the Save button to proceed.


The app will now ask whether you want to save the photo to your gallery or post it to Instagram. After you select Instagram, the collage will be shared with the app and you can then apply filters and post it.


Edit Mode

If you don’t know what you are up to, you can go for the Edit Mode. This mode gives you the flexibility to choose the photos first. The app then makes a collage out of them depending upon the photos selected. You can click on the shuffle button to get new frames.


When you are done, you can save the photo and upload it on Instagram.

Camera Mode


You can use the camera mode to directly take photos in real-time and stitch them together instead of importing them from the gallery. Simply select the number of frames you want along with the canvas style and shoot the photos one after another.


So that was how the app works. I am sure Instagram users on Android are going to love it. You can also resume the process if you had to leave it mid way to take up some important work. If you know of a better Android app that can stitch photos to make a beautiful collage, don’t forget to share it in the comments.

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