How to Read PDF Ebooks, CHM, and Text Files on PSP

Other than playing games, you can listen to music, watch videos and read comics on your PSP. We have already covered some articles to help you with playing games on your PSP, so I thought about exploring other options we have for entertainment on PSP. We will see some interesting articles for music and videos in the coming days, but today I will show you how to read ebooks on your PSP, something I love to do in my leisure time.

By default, PSP only supports Digital Comics  that you can download from the PSP store, but that’s for kids (yes grown up can play games on PSP). Today I will show you how you can use a small PSP Homebrew called Bookr to read PDF, CHM and text files on your PSP.

Installing and Using Bookr

To get started, download and extract Bookr homebrew on your computer. Having done that, mount your PSP’s memory stick and copy the extracted folder to MS\PSP\Games folder and then unmount your memory stick safely.


Note: You will need a hacked PSP with a custom firmware to run the homebrew. Non-hacked PSP might show the application in the games menu, but will give data corrupt error when you try to launch them.

Start Screen

When the homebrew launches, it will ask you to open the file you wish to read. However, before we start reading any books, it would be better to get acquainted with the control. It’s not a PC or a smartphone where your mouse or touch screen will pretty much take care of everything. It’s the limited number of PSP buttons that you gotta do with here.

Bookr Menu

After looking at the controls, select the Open file option  to load the PDF file you wish to read. Unlike games and media files, there is no particular folder where you have to save the PDF files. You can copy them anywhere you like on your memory stick and browse for it in the application.

Ebook File

After the file loads up, you may start reading. If you are uncomfortable in remembering the control, you can use the select button to show up the navigation menu. If you love the landscape mode while reading, you can rotate the screen and use the fit to width option along with zoom controls to make it comfortable. The only downside of the tool is that it does not support text wrap. If you are planning to exit the app while reading, don’t forget to create a bookmark.

Sample Ebook
Sample Pdf


If you read ebooks on your smartphone or tablet, you might find it difficult to adjust with PSP. But looking from the battery point of view, you can have PSP for all your entertainment and leisure tasks like reading, while your smartphone will server you for calling and browsing the internet.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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