Android: Don’t Miss External Sound While Listening to Music

How many times has someone pulled out your earphones in irritation while you were listening to music on high volume using a noise cancellation ear piece? In my case, it’s happens almost every day when someone who’s been yelling at me behind my back suddenly jumps over and pulls out my earplugs. Also, I hate to plug out my earphones and put them back repeatedly to listen to what people are saying to me.

And that’s definitely not the only reason to ensure that you don’t miss important sound or noise while listening to music on Android. There could be emergency situations requiring your immediate attention, and you might not even come to know about it due to those things plugged into your ears.

Around Sound

One of the developers on XDA, MarksThinkTank, has found an amazing solution to these kinds of daily problems for Android users. For the record, the Wave Control app we discussed recently, using which Android users could control music using the hand gestures was also created by him. Around Sound is his another great app, which delivers the sound around you to your earphones while you are listening to music. Let us see how it works.

Around Sound for Android

Using Around sound, you can listen to music, watch videos on full volume etc, and yet be aware of the important sounds around you. The app uses the headphone’s microphone or the phone’s built-in mic if your headset is missing them, but keeping the phone in the pocket will not promise the best result.

Android Around Sound 4

After you install and initialize the app, it will ask you for the sound trigger level above which the app should pick up all the sound around you. As one would not want all the unnecessary sound to interfere with the music, the decent level would be in between 90 to 100. After the microphone hears a sound that exceeds the set limit, it’s delivered to the earphones. You might choose to pause and resume the music when the app delivers the sound around, but listening to it even while the music is playing solves the purpose.

Android Around Sound 3

The apps works great, but the sound is delayed by 500 ms. The developer says that it would work better in Jelly Beans and he will work on the app to fix it for previous versions as well. Moreover, the app will fail if you are in a very loud surrounding as the max audio level will be maxed out and you will be hearing almost everything.

Android Around Sound 1

The pro version of the app supports street mode and is best suited for situations when you are listening to music at public places. The app works with all the music and video players for Android and the default can be selected using the app settings. You can also configure Bluetooth headset settings if you are using it.

Android Around Sound 2


When I first heard about the app, I thought it was a prank of some kind. However, after testing the app, I was highly impressed. Now I can carelessly listen to music in home, office, public transport and yet be fully aware of important stuff going around me. Don’t expect the best from the app, but it’s a great workaround.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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