Take LastPass Security Challenge to Measure Password Strength

Lastpasslogo LastPass, as we have seen with our previous articles, is a password manager that makes managing passwords and using them a breeze. But as with everything, as the old adage goes, the chain is only as strong as its weakest link. The password manager is great. But what about the passwords themselves? Can they repel a brute force attack, or is there a loophole somewhere which a someone with malicious intentions can exploit?

If you have LastPass installed, loose no time in taking the LastPass Security Challenge. The Security Challenge scans all the passwords stored in the LastPass vault and gives you a feedback on the relative strength and weaknesses of the passwords.

1. Click the LastPass icon in your browser. Go to Tools – >Security Check. A new browser page opens up which will run the scan locally on your machine.

Lastpass Tip01

2. Click the large grey button to start the scan by entering your master password.

Lastpass Tip02

3. This is the kind of screen you will get after the scan completes. Click the Show me my detailed results gives you a breakdown on various parameters.

Lastpass Tip03

The LastPass Security Challenge is a very important security step you can perform periodically to determine the health of your passwords. Why leave the door open for a hacker?

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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