How to Trans­fer Files and Apps from One Android to Anoth­er Over Wi-Fi

Ashish Mundhra

Tap Wifi File SharingWhen you are living with fellow Android users under the same roof, often you could find yourself in situations when you need to transfer files (music, photo, videos) and apps from one device to another. If there are only one or two files or apps, we can use Bluetooth to accomplish the task. But if there are more than just a couple of files and apps, transferring them using Bluetooth can take forever.

Using computer as a middleware is an option and can take care of the transfer in a short time but why use it when there’s something more convenient available? Today we will see how we can transfer these files and apps from one Android device to another over Wi-Fi without using any other device in the middle. We will use TapPouch Wi-Fi File Transfer, a simple, free Android app, for the task.

Using TapPouch Wi-Fi File Transfer on Android

Step 1: Download and install TapPouch Wi-Fi File Transfer for Phone on both the Android devices you are planning to use for the file transfer. The app works on all the devices running on Android version 2.2 or above. Also make sure that both the devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 2: Now launch the app on both of them. The app will open in Share mode by default. To share some files, tap the option Share Files/Folder on the sender device and select the files, media, or apps you would like to share. When you are done, tap the share button to get started.

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On the receiving device, tap the button Get Files/Folders once the transfer on the sender device starts.

Step 3: The sender device will generate a unique 6-digit PIN which you will have to enter in the receiving device to authenticate yourself.

Tap Wifi File Sharing Android 1 Tap Wifi File Sharing Android 4

Step 4: Once the authentication is successful, the transfer will start and the files will be saved to the receiving device memory card. You can see all the transferred files through Manage Mode—>ViewPouch.

Tap Wifi File Sharing Android 6 Tap Wifi File Sharing Android 3

The app comes with a fairly decent file manager using which you can perform simple operations on the files. You can also transfer content of a folder on the whole by selecting the folder and transferring it using the file manager.


TapPouch Wi-Fi File Transfer is a must have app if you find yourself in such file transfer situations often. If you don’t have a router, here’s a simple trick using which you can create a Wi-Fi hotspot using your laptop.

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