7 Best Ways to Quickly Access Most Used Folders on Windows 7


The thing about Windows is that there’s software, especially free software available for almost every imaginable task on the computer. So much so that people don’t bother to tweak the built-in Windows settings and make it work for them. All they do is quickly search for a software, install it and go on with their lives.

So, if we were to ask you the best ways to quickly access your most used folders on Windows 7, it’s highly likely that most of you will suggest a tool like Launchy or Everything. Those are great tools no doubt, but if you are someone who likes to keep his system clean and fast by limiting the installation of third-party programs then you’d be glad to know that there are a number of really cool ways to get to your frequently used folders in Windows 7. And you won’t need a software for that.

If we’ve piqued your interest already, it’s time you check these 7 ways. All of them are one of their kind really.

1. Change Taskbar Explorer Icon Location

Windows 7 provides an explorer icon on the taskbar. This is a quick and intelligent option to quickly navigate to the Libraries folder (default behavior). However, if you do not like the setting then you can change its properties to open the explorer at a different location. Here’s our guide on how to set Windows 7 Explorer to open your favorite folder by default.

Taskbar Explorer Icon

2. Pin Items to Windows Explorer Taskbar Icon

Pinning of items to the taskbar is not restricted to one level. In fact, every item pinned to the taskbar is a super tool in which you can pin many other sub items. And hence you can pin more folder locations to this explorer icon by dragging an address dropping it to the explorer icon.

Drag Drop To Pin

Then you can quickly launch them by accessing the right-click jumplist menu.

Explorer Icon Jumplist

3. Pin folders to Taskbar

If you do not like the above setting and want to avoid that extra jumplist click then you can pin folders to the taskbar independently. That would give you a single click access to your favorite folder.

20100805 A01

To do that, check out our detailed guide on how to pin any app or folder to Windows 7 Taskbar.

4. Add Items to Favorites Section on Explorer

If you have noted, Windows Explorer features a Favorites section wherein you have shortcuts for the locations that you are likely to use often. With this you can quickly reach these locations, no matter where you are currently.

Add To Favorites

If you have something that you keep reaching frequently, navigate to that location, right-click on the Favorites icon and Add current location to Favorites. Then you would be able to access that location with a single click.

5. Open Current Folder from Command Prompt

If you are a command line guy and rely more on working from that end, you should also know the trick of opening the current working directory on GUI without diverting yourself from the interface.

Command Prompt Explorer Specific

Read more on how to quickly open current folder on explorer from command prompt.

6. Open Specific Folders Using Run Dialog

There are some folders that can be quickly opened from the Start Menu. But we have another trick for keyboard lovers so that you can reach where you want without touching your mouse.

Run Command

Here’s how to open specific folders like My Documents and My Computer using the Run dialog.

7. Configure Keywords to Open Folders from Run Dialog

The sweetest thing has to come last. This method describes and lets you create your own commands that the Run dialog would understand. All you would need to do is remember the association of command to the location, meaning the shortcut.

Run Process Explorer

Post this opening a folder would just be a matter of Win + R and executing the linked command. Check out the process on how to use keywords to launch almost anything quickly in Windows.


While we tried to make the list comprehensive with whatever we had in mind, there could be endless ways in the same line. If you have something unique which you have been using and feel that it should be a part of this list, share with us in the comments section. We would be more than glad to make additions.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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