How to Remove Skype Icon From Windows Taskbar

I love Skype and use it on a regular basis to connect to my family and friends over a video conference. Everything about Skype is great except one. The irritating icon that sits on Windows taskbar as long as you are signed in taking unnecessary real estate of the limited that’s available.

Skype Y U No Go Away

On top of that, it does not understand the significance of the red colored close button on the program. Any other normal program would close or minimize to system tray, but Skype loves the taskbar and won’t leave it easily. So lets see how you can dump the annoying taskbar icon and minimize it to system tray using Skype options.

Removing Skype Icon from Taskbar

Step 1: Launch Skype and click on Tools—>Options to open Skype options.

Slype Options

Step 2: Navigate to Advanced settings section and uncheck the option Keep Skype in the taskbar while I’m signed in and save the settings. You can also remove Skype watermark that appears while making a call.

Skype Advanced Settings

That’s all, from now on Skype will understand the meaning of the close button and will minimize the program to system tray when you perform the action. If you want to close Skype completely, it can be done using the Skype context menu in the system tray.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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