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Few days back we discussed how one can go off the records while chatting in Gmail and prevent it from saving chat history. However, keeping this feature enabled can really come in handy at times when you need to refer to your chat messages to make things clear in the future., the latest contender to Gmail too has this feature, but it’s disabled by default. Moreover, as we can connect social media services like Facebook to, we can save the chat history for them as well and use it for our advantage in the future. So let’s see how we can enable this feature and save our chat messages on

Saving IM History on Outlook

Step 1: Log in to your inbox and click on the gear icon on the top right corner.  In the pull-down menu, click on the link More mail settings  to open mail settings.

More Mail Settings1

Note: If you have not yet converted your Hotmail and Live email address to, you should do it at the earliest before all the good email aliases run out.

Step 2: In mail settings, click on the option Messaging history  under Managing your account option.

Message History

Step 3: Here, change the settings to Save instant messages  from No, Thanks  and save it.

Save Instant Messages

That’s all, from this point onward all your messages and IM conversations will be archived as soon as you log out or the chat goes idle. I tested the feature for Facebook and Windows Live Messenger in and it was able to keep chat records for both.

Messaging Hostory

Note: The folder messaging history will not appear instantly as soon as you activate the settings. It will only appear after any one of your conversations goes ideal or your friend logs out of chat.

After a conversation is archived on, you can treat it as an email message and take actions accordingly.

Message Hisory Conversation


Finally after many years, an email service has dared to stand against Gmail, and surprisingly it seems to be doing pretty good so far. With features like email alias and social media connectivity, I have already started handing out my email address as my contact info. What about you?

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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