How to Use Gmail From’s Email Interface – Guiding Tech is the new destination in town. Even if you are wedded to Gmail, you should be interested in at least taking a small peek inside the new and free email service that isn’t just a rebranded Hotmail. It is a freshly minted web-based email client. The fresh interface is the first thing you will notice when you sign-up and log-in. We’ve already done an overview of the service, talked about importing contacts and changing @hotmail to

Gmail users among you who think email deserves a fair run, then instead of starting out with an empty inbox, you can import your Gmail threads into


Connecting Gmail and

To make these two arch rivals play along nicely, we have to pop open the hood and get into Gmail settings first to tweak the POP3 settings.

Step 1. Go to Gmail Settings. Select the Account Forwarding  tab. Enable POP as show in the screen below.

Outlook Gmail01

Step 2. Under POP Download, select one of the following options (as shown above):

  • Enable POP for all mail (even mail that’s already been downloaded). If you select this option, all old and new email will be downloaded to your cloud-based account.
  • Enable POP for mail that arrives from now on. If you select this option, only new email will be downloaded to your cloud-based account ( in this case).
  • You can also choose to keep a copy of your email in your Gmail account. Save the settings and exit Gmail.

Step 3. Open Click the Gear icon on the upper right to open More Mail Settings.

Outlook Gmail02

Step 4. Click on Sending/receiving email from other accounts and then select Add an Email account.

Outlook Gmail03

Step 5. Enter your Gmail address and Google account password to connect and Gmail. Similarly, you can add up to five Gmail accounts.

Outlook Gmail04

Note: If you have a Google Apps account, then you need to click the Advanced  option and enter your full email address ( in the fields – Email Address and POP3 user name. Incoming mail server as and the default port is 995.

Check out the Microsoft Outlook FAQ for potential questions.

Give a try and tell us if you would be shifting anytime soon. On first impressions, which one do you prefer – Gmail or

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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