[Quick Tip] A Cool Way to Open Specific Folders Using Run Dialog

Sandeep Agarwal

Starting the Windows Explorer is an easy task if you have the item pinned to your taskbar on Windows 7. You can further pin more folder locations to the already pinned item and open them quickly by accessing the right-click jumplist.

However, there are certain locations that can be launched more quickly using the Run dialog. Considering that you have not changed the default Windows Explorer location, the following commands should open the locations stated besides them:-


1. explorer  takes you to Libraries

2. explorer . or just . (yes, just a period) opens User profile (e.g. C:\Users\Sandeep)

3. explorer .. or just .. opens User folder (i.e. C:\Users)

4. explorer / launches My Documents

5. explorer \ or just \ opens the drive on which windows is installed (in my case it was C:). To go to any other drive type the drive_letter: (e.g. F: opens F drive)

6. explorer =  launches My Computer (meaning the word explorer, then a space, and then the ‘=’ sign)

Don’t you think this is interesting? I did not know all this before I accidently happened to try one of the above. And now I do a Win + R every time I want to navigate to these locations. 🙂

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