Use Firefox Quick Search for Productive and Speedy Browsing


There are N number of ways in which an individual can enhance his browsing speed and experience. While the speed part can always be covered by using

keyboard shortcuts

that emulate multiple mouse clicks, certain other tricks can help you get better and improved experiences.

One such way is to use bookmarklets on browsers. There could be many such tricks, some of which you might have discovered in the course of using the internet every day. I have tried rendering a few processes for myself in order to expedite the way I search the internet. And in my attempt to do so I also realized that there are two parts to it. One is to search for content and retain the results (which I do by using the new tab theory) and the other is to search for text and links on a given webpage.

Ctrl F Search

The Ctrl + F option is a quick way to bring up the Find bar and look for text on most browsers. But that does not help me with navigating into the links (even if I am successful in searching a text/word, I still have to make a mouse click to open that link). So, I tried the Quick Search feature of Firefox and this is what I came up with.

With the Quick Search feature activated I no more have to key in Ctrl + F in order to start searching a webpage. I can simply start typing and the search would yield results immediately.

Quick Search

The added advantage is that if I am searching for a link and the result has it, this method ensures that the link gets selected along with the highlighted result. Then I can simply hit Enter on my keyboard to navigate to the selected link.

And that’s how I can search a website quickly and save clicks and time to go deeper in to the featured links and URL’s. If this interests you, you can read further and learn how to activate the feature on your browser.

Steps to Activate Quick Search on Firefox

Even while the feature is not permanently activated, you can use the / key to show the Quick Search bar for a one-time usage. If you want to be heads on with the same, consider setting it up as a default. Here’s how you do it.

Step 1: Open Firefox and navigate to Firefox (orange button on the top left) -> Options -> Options.

Firefox Options

Step 2: Switch to the Advanced  tab and move over to the General  sub-tab. Tick the check box reading Search the text when I start typing under the Accessibility section. Then click on Ok to exit.

Firefox Advanced Accessibility Options

With this you are ready to perform quick searches for text on any webpage and navigate to the links without the use of your mouse.


Quick Search is just one part of the process. What appeals more to me is the auto selection of links as and when results are highlighted on them. Do you think this can help you become more productive? Or do you use a different process altogether? Share with us in the comments section.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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