2 Useful Tools To Add Items & Customize the Windows Right Click Menu

In one of our previous tutorials about removing unwanted programs from the Windows right-click menu, our readers Clem and Brian commented that they would also want to know how to add new applications to the right-click menu and customize it accordingly.

So, as always, it’s readers first at Guiding Tech. We’ve come up with this article that talks about about two such tools that help to customize and add a number of functions to the right-click menu.

1. FileMenu Tools

Filemenu tools is an effective and robust tool to edit right-click menu functions. You can check the screenshot below to see how many commands it can add to the Windows right-click context menu. When you hover your mouse pointer over Filemenu tools option, you will see plenty of other commands. You can use these commands for the selected file or folder.


Click on Configure FileMenu Tools option to open the tools panel. You can add any customized command or delete a command in one click.

A feature I liked in this tool is the ability to quickly enable or disable commands/functions added by third-party apps to the right-click options.

Once you start using this tool, you will get many more options to play with.


2. Open++

Open++ is another software which lets you add additional commands to the right-click list. At the first glance, you will find that this tool doesn’t provide as many right click options as provided by Filemenu tools (Command Prompt, Copy Path, Copy Short Path, Run with Parameters, Open CD Drive, Close CD Drive, Set File Attributes, Set File Time are the defualt options in this tool).

Some of this options may not be useful to you. However, this program comes with great flexibility. You can open files, folders by adding almost any executable program to the context menu through the customize option in the tool.


Given below is the screenshot of customization settings in which I tried to add an additional Snagit command (Snagit is a screen capture tool used to take screenshots) in right click menu. First of all I clicked on Add button. I filled all the values manually in the boxes given below.

  • Title: Snagit
  • Program: C:\Program Files\TechSmith\Snagit 7\Snagit32.exe
  • Parameters: %TargetPath1%
  • Icon: (You can leave it blank)
  • Associate with: Files only
  • File types: .jpg, .png, .gif (depends on function you are adding).

Snagit is now added in the context menu. I can check it by right clicking on any file with .jpg, .png, .gif extension. Similarly I added a Torrent function to the list.


Note: You can add up to 128 number of commands and separators on the menu. I think this is more than enough.

You can download and find complete information for Open++ here.

While there are other methods and tools to customize the right-click options, we chose the above two tools because we found them to be the best ones in our tests. Hope you like this article and will use one of these tools to add more options to the mouse right-click.

Last updated on 05 February, 2022

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