How to Make a Wallpaper with Instagram Photos

Instagramlogo We love images and pictures. Facebook loves it enough to pay $1 billion for it. Call it the ‘Instagram Effect’, but it has made everyone who has a smartphone and is so inclined, an amateur photographer. Instagram spurred the new art of Iphoneography.

Then the Instagram app came to Android, and despite the war cries from iPhone users, it skyrocketed to popularity here as well. By now, I am sure there are 1 billion photos floating around.

There are many ways to enjoy those millions and billions of Instagram photos. Here, we are going to look at a way which gives Instagram photos the shape of a wallpaper. Insta-WP is a free online application that enables you to turn a bunch of Instagram photos into a wallpaper for your mobile device or for your desktop. Whatever be the device, the wallpaper is something we usually fret over. If you are an Instagram-er, then you will probably like the marriage of wallpaper with Instagram.

Insta Wp01

Using Insta-WP is a cinch. Actually, you don’t even need to be an Instagram user to use the service as no login is asked for by the service. Here are the quick and simple steps that let you set up a wallpaper with Instagram’s collection of photos.

Step 1. Click on the Create Instawallpaper button that takes you to the panel.

Step 2. Choose your screen size according to the device you are planning to deck up. Insta-WP covers most of the common resolutions.

Insta Wp02C

Step 3. Choose the kind of photos you want Insta-WP to display. You can even give your (or anyone else’s) Instagram ID to populate the wallpaper with.

Insta Wp03

Step 4. The remaining options are pretty much self-explanatory. Hover your mouse over the little Help icon for a brief explanation.

Step 5. Click on Preview to see how your wallpaper looks. If you don’t like it, just scroll back to the options and change them.

Step 6. If you like what you see, click on Download this wallpaper to get it for your screen.

Insta Wp04

Insta-WP is a very simple app in its essence. Too many features will of course take away that simplicity. It might lack some automatic features, but on the other hand it doesn’t ask too much from you. It takes just a couple of minutes to come here and get the kind of variety you might like for your desktop or mobile screen each day.

How do you like Insta-WP so far? What extras would you like it offer? Pour your Instagram love in the comments!

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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