How to Find Saved Passwords in Firefox and Chrome

Sandeep Agarwal

How do you make sure that you do not forget any of your passwords? I am sure each one has their own backup mechanism. Yet, in case you are unable to retrieve one and you do not have time to push your brain to try to remember it, you can take the help of your browser.

We will take the example of a Firefox user and see how to get back passwords that were once used on that browser. Other browsers like Google Chrome also support such features (we will check that towards the end).

Whenever you log in to a new web account or service you are instantaneously asked by your browser if you want to save the username and password (like that shown in the image for Firefox).


Some of us ignore that (because we worry about shared computers) and some of us give it a green signal. For those who agree there’s that chance of getting back lost passwords. And here’s the process to make that happen.

Cool Tip: If you fear storing your passwords on Firefox you may want to give a try to its Master Password feature.

Steps to Find Saved Passwords

If you gave a nod to storing usernames and passwords for any account in the past, you will definitely be able to pull it out now.

Step 1: Open Firefox browser and navigate to Firefox (the orange button on the top left) ->Options ->Options.


Step 2: On the Options dialog switch to Security  section. Under Passwords there is a button reading Saved Passwords. Click on the button.


Step 3: A new window for Saved Passwords will come up. It contains the list of websites visited and stored usernames for the same.


Step 4: If you want to check out the passwords, click on Show Passwords button. The new list will add one more column for the respective passwords.


If you have been using Master Password feature you will be asked for it before the underlying passwords are revealed. So, that’s where the cool tip counts. 😀


Productivity Step: Rather than trying to scroll through each and every row you can use the search feature (search by URL, username or password) to pull out filtered results.

And you must have already noted that you can remove selected entries or all of those from the list. The Remove and Remove All  buttons help you do that.

Chrome Users: Google Chrome users can navigate to Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Passwords and Forms -> Manage Saved Passwords and try out the available options.


I am guessing that other browsers also support such a feature and it is just a matter of finding the route. And, it can serve as a savior at times. But at the same time you need to be assured that your passwords do not get stolen. Ant that’s altogether a different set of measures.

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