How to Have Google Always Open Search Results in a New Tab

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A major part of my writing job involves performing

extensive research on the internet

. And whenever I am on to such a thing I navigate from one link to another, visit many websites and exhaust all Google options. I am sure that you too must have done something similar at some point in your life.

Now, let me ask you two questions. During the process, did you ever lose track of where you started from? Did you also lose sight of an interesting result which you saw somewhere on the Google result page and decided to check it a bit later, only to come back and realize you can’t find it? This probably happened because you used the same browser window and tab for the entire session.

That is why I have put on the habit of using new tabs every time. I close the ones I do not need and hence, I am left with consolidated results at the end. There is a mouse trick to help you open all links in new tabs and you always have the right-click option. But we will make our machine remember this for us.

We will learn how to set the Firefox search box to open results in a new tab. And we will also set Google preferences to open each clicked result on a new page which should help everyone irrespective of the browser they use. Let us get going.

Firefox Search Bar

Set Firefox Search Box to Show Results in New Tab

Well, when we type a query on the browser search bar we tend to hit enter causing the result to show on the same tab. If you hit Alt + Enter instead, the result would open in a new tab. But we don’t always remember to do that. Do not worry, Firefox will remember it for us.

Step 1: Open a Firefox tab and enter about:config on its address bar. Hit Enter.

Firefox About Config

Step 2: You will be shown a warning message. That is nothing to worry about and you can click on I’ll be careful  button.

Firefox Careful Warning E1343842059291

Step 3: On the preferences window search for You will see only one option for the result.

Firefox Browser Search Open In Tab

Step 4: Double click on the false value to change it to true. That is it! Next time you search on the browser search bar, results will show up on a new tab.

Change Value True

Open Google Results in a New Tab

The above setup ensures that your query results in launching a new tab. How about taking it forward from there? Clicking on a result link could potentially open it on the same tab. Let us change that behavior as well and let us do that for Google because that’s what most of us use.

Step 1: Log in to your Google account and navigate to the Search settings  window.

Google Search Settings

Step 2: Scroll to the section reading Where results open  and put a check on the new browser window option under it.

Google Results Open Option

Step 3: Do not forget to scroll further down and click on Save. That is it! Click on a result and it will open in a new tab.

Click On Save


The article is a two-step workaround for all those who intend to keep a better track of the links that they click while searching. Though we have detailed the steps for Firefox and Google you may try doing similar things on different browsers and search engines. And if you do, share the tricks with us in the comments. ????

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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