Freeze or Uninstall Android System Apps Using Titanium Backup

This is our fifth post in our series of articles on Titanium Backup for rooted Android phones. Check out the list below for previously published posts on this topic.

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In our previous posts on Titanium Backup, we have already seen pretty much everything on how the app can help you with your device’s backup-related task. Today we are going to see how Titanium Backup can help you in managing all the system apps that are installed on your device.

Apps that are installed as a system apps on Android do not offer much flexibility to the user. One cannot just drag and drop these apps on the recycle icon (supported in many launchers these days) to uninstall them.

We have seen how we can disable these stock apps on ICS devices, but if you want to reclaim some memory on your device, the trick will be of no use at all. Today we will see how you can uninstall or freeze these apps using Titanium Backup and free up some internal memory on your phone.

Uninstalling/Freezing System Apps

Step 1: Launch Titanium Backup and wait for the app to initialize. After the app initializes, tap the Backup/Restore button at the top.

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Step 2: Titanium Backup will list all the apps installed on your device, and this list will include the system apps as well.

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You can touch on the option Click to edit filters  to find your apps easily. For example, if you are trying to uninstall/disable your stock messaging app, set the filter to only display the system applications and type in “message” in the filter by name field.

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Step 3: Now tap the app to open the Titanium application option pop-up. On the pop-up you will get the option to either freeze the app or uninstall it.

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The former option will keep the app in device’s memory but will make it inaccessible to you or to any of the apps installed on your device. Let’s just say that you will never notice the existence of the app. The second option will erase the app from your device altogether and free up the space.


Using Titanium Backup you can uninstall any app or even a widget that came installed on your phone by default. Obviously, you need to know what you are doing and do not uninstall a system app that’s critical to the phone’s proper functioning.

I still remember when I accidentally uninstalled an important Android phone service few years back and got force close errors on my phone every fraction of a second. Trust me, you would never like to go through what I did to recover my device. This isn’t to scare you off. Go ahead, use it but proceed with caution.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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