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This is our second post in our series of articles on Titanium Backup for rooted Android phones. Following is the list and the ones that have been published already are linked for you to check them out.

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Previously we have already seen how to backup and restore apps and their associated data using Titanium Backup but while taking a backup, apps are not the only thing we are concerned about. Text messages, call logs, browser bookmarks are also very important. So today we will see how we can backup and restore SMS, call logs, browser bookmarks and Wi-Fi access point settings using Titanium Backup.

Do ensure that you’ve read the previous post on setting up the app and backing up/restoring phone apps with that.

Backing up Phone Data Using Titanium Backup

Step 1: Open Titanium Backup and make sure every module is working perfectly fine. Press the menu button to open Titanium Backup menu and select Backup data to XML.

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Step 2: Having done that you will get the option to select the data you want to backup. Select the one you would like and start the process.

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Step 3: After the tool takes the backup, it will ask you to select the task you would like to do with the XML file. Tap on Save file locally and select the path where you would like to save the XML file.

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That’s all, repeat the process with remaining three modules to create their backup as well. That was how you can create the backup. Let us now see how we can restore them.

Restoring Phone Data

Restoring the backup is more or less similar to the backup process. Open the menu and select Restore data from XML. Titanium backup will ask you the type of data you would like to restore and open up the phone’s default file manager so that you can choose the file you would like to restore the data from.

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The app will restore all the data back to your phone and will take care of date and time of every individual entry. One thing I would like to mention here is that Titanium Backup really speeds up the process of backup and restoration. I have tried many apps to backup and restore SMS and call logs on Android but none of them has ever restored as fast as Titanium Backup.

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Till now, we have seen how we can create and restore backups using Titanium backup but everything was done manually. In our next post on Titanium Backup, we will see how you can automate the backup process and save time.

Last updated on 10 February, 2022

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