What is Windows 8 Metered Connection and Airplane Mode?

While exploring Windows 8 Network and Sharing Center the other day, I came across two brand new features that are introduced in Windows 8: Airplane Mode and Metered Connection. If you have just migrated from Windows 7 to Windows 8, and you are thinking what these new features do, you have come to the right place.

These features are introduced in Windows 8 targeting tablet devices and here’s how they can help you out.

Airplane Mode

We have already covered a detailed article explaining what Airplane Mode in tablets and smartphones means and it’s no different in Windows 8. As Windows 8 is not only designed for desktops and laptops, but tablets as well, this feature was kind of necessary if you ask me.

Airplane Mode

As tablets can connect not only to Wi-Fi but via 3G and Bluetooth as well, Airplane mode helps to cut off all the radio connections at one go. Like always, this feature can be useful when you are traveling on an airplane, and you need to switch off all the radio connections on your device for safety reasons without turning off the device (which enables you to watch videos and do other stuff).

Metered Connection

Another new stuff you will see in Windows 8 network and settings is Metered Connection. Though Metered Connecting is introduced keeping in mind the tablet users, if you are a kind of user who connects to the internet using a limited mobile network, it can be helpful for you as well.

Set As Metered Connection

Metered Connection is a way of setting a connection as limited in Windows so that it’s not used as a leisure resource. You can set a connection as Metered Connection using the right-click menu after the connection is established. After a connection is marked metered, Windows will not use the connection to update itself or any of the devices attached to your computer. You would be able to limit the amount of data Windows Metro Live Tiles use to update you on the Start Screen.

Download Over Metered Connection In Device Settings

Windows 8 Metered Connection settings can be changed from the PC Devices settings.


As I already mentioned, these features are introduced keeping the Windows 8 tablet users in mind, and if you are a desktop or laptop user, you might not find the features helpful enough.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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