[Quick Tip] How to Quick­ly Unfor­mat Copied Text Pieces

Sandeep Agarwal

Whenever we copy a piece of text on to the clipboard, the formatting of the text comes along. Now, it may not be necessary that you would want to retain the original formatting at the destination too. If that is the case, how do you omit it quickly? Do you start selecting each piece of format and then change it as required? Certainly not the cleverest of tricks, right.

Well, if your destination is MS Word (or any MS Office document) then there is a quick way of having it done. Consider the below text as original (copied onto the clipboard).


When you paste it on MS Word you will see a small box appearing with the pasted text. Click on the box and choose Keep Text Only.


The original formatting will be removed and only text will be retained with default document formatting. You may also choose to Match Destination Formatting.


However, you should note that the line spaces are still intact. What if you want to remove those as well? What if your destination is not an MS Office document?

In such cases you can paste the selected text on a browser address bar (because a browser is always open on one’s computer these days), then, select the entire text and copy it again. This time the text will be copied without any format.


You may use a Notepad to do the same. 🙂

Hope that helps.

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