[Quick Tip] How to Make KMPlayer Minimize to Taskbar Instead of System Tray

Sandeep Agarwal

Our default understanding of minimizing any application is that it would go and sit on the taskbar. Well, this is not true for all applications as some come with the set behavior to land into the system tray. Same is the case with KMPlayer and we invariably point to the taskbar when we wish to restore a minimized instance realizing only later that it’s hiding in the corner.

While the added advantage of that extra taskbar space prevails, when it is in the system tray it takes an extra click to bring it up. Here’s how you can change this behavior so that the player minimizes to the taskbar instead.

Step 1: Open KMPlayer and navigate to the Preferences window. You can simply use the keyboard shortcut F2 for that.


Step 2: On the Preferences switch to General tab and uncheck the option reading Minimize to system tray. Then click on Close.


Henceforth, whenever you minimize the KMPlayer it will go to the Windows taskbar instead of residing in the system tray. Have fun! 🙂

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