Extract Images From Documents Using Office Image Extraction Wizard

Inserting pictures into documents is a pretty easy job (at least on Office documents). But when it comes to extracting those images and saving them separately on the hard drive, things start getting difficult. Extracting text from documents that contain images isn’t that difficult and many OCR tools help you do that. But doing it the other way round doesn’t seem to be straightforward.

There is a manual way of copying each one to the clipboard and saving them using image editors. But sure there must be a way to bypass this manual drudgery, right? Yes, sure there is.

Most of us are aware of the WinZip/WinRar trick of archiving image files from documents. However, that does not work for all kinds of documents and a non-technical guy would definitely want something simpler. So, here is our elaboration on Office Image Extraction Wizard, a plain and powerful Windows tool to extract images from almost all sorts of documents.

Using Office Image Extraction Wizard

Depending on your requirements, you may download the tool and install it or get a copy of the portable version. When you launch the application you will be shown a Welcome window. You may skip this and click on the Next  button.

Office Image Extraction

The next window will ask you to browse for you source Document  and choose an Output folder. If you want to create a new folder at the chosen location, you can tick Create a folder here. Click on Next  when you are ok with what you have selected.

Choose Source Destination

If you have multiple input files, you can navigate to the Batch Mode  by clicking on the check box adjacent to the text reading the same.

Batch Mode

You may add any number of files here or even remove the added ones from the list. Besides you have options to choose a custom output folder, create new ones for each file or stay with the location of origination.

Click on Next  after having made your choices. A confirmation window will appear as a starting point. Click on Start and also check Skip this page in the future to jump this extra step next time.

Ready To Start

Depending on the size of file(s) and number of images to be extracted, the process may take some time. Once it is complete you can Close the window or hit the link to open the destination folder.

Process Complete

Supported File Formats

Here is the list of files and formats supported by this amazing tool:-

  • Word (.doc | .dot | .docx | .docm | .dotm | .dotx)
  • PowerPoint (.ppt | .pot | .pps | ( .pptx | .ppsm | .potm | .potx | .pptm | .ppsx | .sldm)
  • Excel (.xlsx | .xlsm | .xltm | .xltx)
  • Others (.odt | .ott | .odp | .otp | .ods | .ots | .odg | .otg | .sxw | .stw | .sxi | .sti | .sxc | .stc | .pages | .template | .numbers | .epub | .fb2 | .cbz)
  • For PDF they have a different tool called PDF Image Extraction Wizard.


The tool is potentially flawless in extracting images and easing up your task in that line. Now, you can do away with all that manual effort. And keep a watch on our posts if you want to learn the WinZip/WinRar trick that we mentioned at the start. We will cover that very soon.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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