How to Permanently Disable Spell Check and History in Firefox

I am no linguist or etymologist but in today’s SMS generation, who cares about correct spelling and grammar! Of course spell check tools are fundamentally required when one is doing serious writing work, but they are certainly not very important while updating status on Facebook or Twitter. Also, sometimes the spell check thing gets annoying because it isn’t up to date with the latest terms as well as colloquial words that one uses in everyday conversations.

The same goes with the browser history that keeps on recording your each and every move you make on the internet. The spell check and history are indeed useful for many, but if you ask me, I am better off with it. I disabled spell check and history on my Firefox and if any one of you would like to implement the same, here’s how it’s done.

Disabling Firefox Spell Check

Click on Firefox button and open the browser settings by clicking on the Options button.

Firefox Options1

In the Options window, navigate to the General settings section under the Advanced tab and remove the check against the option Check my spellings as I type. That’s all, right after you save your settings, you will no longer be warned about incorrect spellings on any text field on Firefox.

Disable Spell Check

If you want to enable the feature anytime in the future simply activate the settings again. That was how we can disable the inbuilt spell check. Let us now see how we can disable browser history to secure privacy.

Disabling Firefox History

You need to open Firefox Options to disable history as well. Open Privacy tab in Options window and select Never Remember History from the drop-down menu under the history section to disable the history feature completely.

Never Remember History

If you use custom settings from the menu, you will have the option to record history for a particular session which will be automatically deleted as soon as you close Firefox. It’s always better to go with the custom settings and keep the option of clearing history when Firefox closes active.

Custom History


If you are a Chrome user, we will tell you how you to disable the inbuilt spell checker in one of our quick tips very soon. Disabling history all together is not an option in Chrome and using incognito mode is the only way if one wants to keep his browsing private.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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