4 Very Useful (and Cool) Startpages for Chrome

The simplest startpage in the world is probably the homepage of Google. We usually start with a search sometimes. But when you can use the browser’s address bar as a search engine, why waste all that real estate. Why not get yourself some cool startpages that can serve you like your Man Friday at the beginning of a new day. You might have seen your share of Chrome startpages…some glamorous…some of those look like they can do just about anything. I lean towards the simpler ones which jolt my productivity by a bit.

So, here are four startpages for the Chrome browser which are simple and useful.

Zocial Sky


In fact, you can use Zocial Sky with any browser. You just need to set the browser to its URL. It is a very simple browser start page that displays your city’s weather in an appealing way. A beautiful background and large icons tell you at a glance how the weather will be for the next few days.

Once you register and log-in, Zocial Sky allows you to keep tabs on the weather of five cities of your choice. You can also do a quick search for any city’s weather by typing into the search box. With a log-in, you can add the cities to your favorites. You could check cloud cover, minimum and maximum temperature, humidity, and wind direction and speed. You can set the temperature between Celsius and Fahrenheit.



Bookolio is one startpage extension for Chrome that can help you hit the ground running. It gives you a choice of over 20 search engines and bookmarks in a simple and neat interface. Plus, you also get one-click access to your applications, recently closed tabs, and most visited sites. The search engines provided are – Amazon, Ask, Baidu, Bing, Dailymotion, Deezer, deviantART, Digg, eBay, Eurogamer, Facebook, Flickr, GameSpot, Google, IGN, MySpace, Picasa, Twitter, Wikipedia, Yahoo and YouTube.

You can set a default search engine, but also quickly cycle through the others. The way it unclutters the bookmarks and makes them accessible gives this Chrome startpage extension a few brownie points in my opinion.

Things To Do


Things To Do does exactly what its name tells you. It is a very simple extension that replaces the new tab page with a to-do list. Just like a good to-do productivity tool, you can prioritize items by dragging them up and down the list. No…it need not be all dull and boring. You can easily use the options page to customize the colors and size of the to-do list.



Sometimes I like to start my day by looking at a pleasing visual. Start! helps me brighten the day with a startpage that uses photos from Flickr to deck up the background. You can set it to a specific one or let it go automatic with the help of Flickr. The other good thing about Start! is that it saves me a trip to my Google Reader as it pulls and displays RSS feeds at the bottom of the page. Apart from these two key features, Start! is as usual as other startpages in that it displays the motley of bookmarked thumbnails and Chrome apps. You need to configure it a bit, and then it starts serving you well each morning.

What’s your choice for a startpage in Chrome? Is it an extension or a link? Or do you like to preserve the browser real-estate by using none? Let us know.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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